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2 Ways to Pay for College Using an Annuity

A portrait of an Asian college student studying in the library

Do you, like many Americans, need to find the best way to pay for college expenses? This ongoing concern of both parents and those heading off to college themselves strikes both those who have some savings and those who don’t. If you have been able to save up something for your or your kids’ university…

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When Should You Review Your Retirement Savings Plan?

World coins in glass savings jar with retirement plan label

Saving for retirement is a process that should last your entire working life, for how much you save during your working years determines how much you have later in life. While you should always be aware of how much you regularly set aside for retirement, there are a few key times to review your retirement…

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5 Reasons Not to Rely on Social Security for Retirement

The majority of Americans today are relying upon social security for their retirement. But even though social security can be a boon, it’s not a good plan for long-term benefits. Social security isn’t intended to be a primary method of retirement, and there are a few major reasons why you shouldn’t count on it. Learn five…

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Turn a One-Time Financial Windfall Into a Lifetime Paycheck

A windfall is a sudden — and often unexpected — influx of money received all at once. While most people automatically think about winning the lottery, a windfall can happen from a variety of sources, including a divorce decree, a legal settlement, or an inheritance. Because a windfall is usually a single chunk of money,…

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A Few Steps to Build a Stable Retirement Income

Americans have a variety of choices for their retirement planning, and most workers seek stable retirement income that won’t run out before they pass away. Unfortunately, the choices can be confusing for many who aren’t trained in the nuances of finances. But, how can you create a plan that will help ensure a financially secure…

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